Learning to Paint (how I wasted a lot of paper and a lot of paint)

If you are friends with me or follow me on social media you know that over the past year I have picked up watercolor painting. I have numerous people ask me all the time how did you learn to do this? Did you just pick it up? Did you take classes? Here's the answers. Practice. Yes. Sort of. 

One day I was in Walmart and walked by the art supply aisle. I didn't sit there and agonize over what to buy. I picked up some cheap watercolor paints, brushes, and a pad of cheap paper. I got home that night and watched a few youtube videos about mixing water with paint, using brushes, etc. I then painted these masterpieces. 


Are they fantastic? Absolutely not. Were they fun and relaxing to make? You bet. 

I enjoyed painting those. They were fun and I was learning something new. I didn't care if anyone else liked them. They were strictly a way for me to relax and relieve stress. But as time went on and I watched more tutorials and read more blogs by artists I started to learn techniques and how to draw and paint. I practice every day. Even if its just a small painting I make the effort to practice every single day. 

These are some recent paintings. 


Now am I master watercolorist? FAR FROM IT. I struggle with color theory, wet in wet techniques, and knowing when to stop messing with the painting. LOL I don't claim to be great at it. I'm just a guy who enjoys it. 

Don't worry about if it looks good or not. When a person creates something not everyone is going to like it. And that is okay. Just CREATE. Make something. I can't even begin to describe the peace and serenity it can bring into your life. 

If you are looking to get started with watercolors I recommend the following items:

  • watercolor paints (I use the kind in tubes)
  • brushes (find some that work for you and use them) 
  • watercolor paper (I use 140 lb cold pressed paper) 

Now get to painting!